-Farmer Fran, Thank you for showing me the cow and the fourteen eggs.

-We had a great time--especially the hayride!  Looking forward to same time/next year.  Many fabulous memories of life on the farm and simpler times.  The crickets and frogs serenaded our dreams, and May Day was a thrill to feed!  What a pig!  This place has equal appeal to three generations of our family.  Thanks for this 'Farm of Dreams'.  Rent it and we will come!
-a conglomerate of families

-Thank you for letting us stay at the Jenne Farm!  We loved the little baby pigs.  Me and my sister Taryn had a lot of fun riding the tractor!  The cows are really cute.  This is our second time coing here.  The house and the farm are so pretty!  We like reading about how old and historical the Jenne Farm is.  This morning we made French Toast with the chicken's eggs and they were yummy.  We also went to Ebey's Landing which was fun  We are the Jenne Farm's number 1 fans!
-Kira, Mercer Island, WA

-Thank you very much for an incredible farm experience!  We love this beautiful house, its views and historical significace.  Our two kids, Julian (6) and Korinne (4), loved the animals, the walks, and especially feeding the animals and the hayride.  Julian hasn't stopped talking about it and probably won't for a long time.
-Melissa & Rob,Woodinville, WA

-Thank you for a fabulous time and letting me see the new baby pigs--only hour old!  It ws the perfect setting for a perfect wedding.  I really appreciate the old craftsmanship of the home.  The flowers and yard are wonderful.  Thank you for sharing a bit of paradise with us.

-We so enjoyed our stay at the Jenne Farm!  It is a wonderful place for family and children.  Emma (5), Sam (3), Amera (3) and Olivia (1) loved the cows, pigs and chickens.  The egg gathering was a highlight for them!  Thank you!

-Thanks for everything from the farm and house to the hayride and conversations.  The Jenne Farm is the perfect spot for our family reunion.  Coyotes, swallows, pigs and cows, bluff hike, bike rides, tractor rides, Coupeville,...  Our brief stay here was filled with fun and left us with a desire to come back for more.  I hope we see you again next year.
-I walked in the door late tonight to the warm greeting of my closest friends.  It took my breath away!  This house!  All you've done to accomplish its current purpose while preserving its past!  So much is still in tact from its first day on this planet!  Thank you for making this place available.  It's a dream come true!

-I have thoroughly enjoyed living and resting here.  Your home is a classic!  Love all the hardwood floors and wide crown moldings.  Loved to hear the frogs at night and the birds chirping in the morning.  It's a lovely surrounding.  Loved the cows and calves and Miss Piggy and the great views.

-What a gift!  Thank you for opening your home in this way.  It was a weekend we will always treasure.
-Jason, Linda, and Michaela

-How often do you get to say good morning to a precious pig!  Thank you!

-Within 10 minutes of being here, a few of us were already planning the "next time here".  We can't wait to come back.  We had such a fantastic time.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
-Matt & Liz, Seattle

-A breath of fresh air; a reminder of a simpler time; quiet walks and restful sleep; peace and reflection...thank you for the opportunity to enjoy these.

-We came as a family on a sentimental visit to our old 'haunts'...Ebey's Prairie, the Bluff, the Beach...and found a new love--the farm!  Three generations of our family hiked and biked the trails, flew kites in the field.  We met neighborhood kids who came by to say hello.  We hunkered down in the farmhouse and made it home for the weekend.  We all fell in love with your wonderful farm and hope to return next year.
-Billie & family

-Staying in the lovely  home built by my Grandfather and where my mother lived is a gift I will treasure forever.  Thank you Fran and Joyce for making it possible with the evident loe and energy it took to restore the Jenne Farm.  The Smith Family Reunion was held here so I could share the beauty of Coupeville and the Jenne history with my husband and children and their families.  The wonderful craftsmanship and huge windows throughout the house, the storybook red barn and the incredible beauty and vastness of the land, and most of all, the enthusiasm and love of my family will be remembered highlights.
-Jenne  (granddaughter of Ed and Agnes Jenne)

-Thank you so much for an unforgettable family experience.  Your farm combines phenomenal beauty with a truly peaceful and special charm.  Our family enjoyed many aspects of what you have obviously worked hard to provide for your guests...and it really works!  We came from Nova Scotia, Minnesota, and Seattle to sail in Penn Cove and we discovered a history and a story of stories that has endeared us to this inspiring setting. Thanks also for engaging the boys in the working of the farm, I know we'll be talking about it for a long time.  The animals (including the 2-legged alarm clocks), the trails, beachcombing on the magnificent beach to the west, the sunsets, the time on the porch, the views, the stars, and moments of reflection were some of the highlights for us.
-The Scoulers

Ten friends gathered for a beautiful fall weekend.  There were walks, stories, meals, wine, owl sightings, kayaking, meals, more stories!  It was a wonderful weekend for us all.  The house provided such a comfortable space for our deepening friendships!
-Ann, John, Marty, Steve...

This beautiful gathering place held us in its arms, and sent us forward filled with love, comfort, kindness and laughter.  What wonderful women and a wonderful nest--

The Jenne Farm is a wonderful place and experience.

Dec 7--as far from a day of infamy that 8 friends could have.  A gathring of youthful crones to celebrate the gentle aging of one of their own.  Wonderful meals, gracious friends, a fabulous meeting place...is there anything more we can expect from life?  Thanks for the memory!

Thank you.  Jenne Farm is certainly one of the most welcoming places for a gathering of good friends.

What a delightful and relaxing place!  The view, the walks, the ducks...Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
-Kathy & Dave

It's as if I stepped back in time.  My favorite thing was hearing the frogs from the pond after the lights were out.
-Carmella B., Omaha, NE

This farm has far-exceeded all of my expectations.  What a fabulous house for family reunions or friends retreats.  I feel truely serene and peaceful here.
-Sue K., Omaha, NE

Fran and Joyce's love for this place has created a space for us to come together from other places, near and far, to laugh, to play, to dance and truely live in a way that will live on in our memories for all time.  How special! 
-Ann & Aaron, Bellingham
(married at the farm)

What a joyous thing to have groups of people bring their laughter and good times back to the walls of this awesome house.
-David D.

I have never been to such a beautiful place ~ the care, love and special touches were very much noticed and appreciated.  I spent a lot of time in the glorious kitchen!
-Susan T.D.

We love the house and its wood-filled rooms with high ceilings.  What a perfect place for people to gather and experience community.
-Debbie, Bob, Michael

The Jenne Farm seems to know its own sense of place and provide travellers with a sense of themselves.
-Jeff & Stephanie

You have made this a lovely gathering place--peaceful, beautiful, loads of room and good comfort.  We'll be back!
-Kathy and friends on the event of her 40th birthday!

Another glorious morning on Jenne Farm, the sun streaming in these wide, wavy farmhouse windows.  Soon the kids will run out to help Farmer Fran feed the animals and search for freshly-laid eggs.  The Jenne Farm has made this a unique experience~at once a trip back in time, a simpler, calmer time, but surrounded by the best of modern luxuries (indoor plumbing! a dishwasher! someone else who cleans up after those adorable cows and chickens!).  Jenne Farm's and Ebey's Landing's rich history combine with the love and care of Joyce and Fran to offer an unforgettable taste of my romantic notion of life on WHidbey Island~Coupeville
--Thank you for sharing this all with us!  Janet H.

My favorite thing at Jenne Farm is holding the chickens.
--Tahlia, age 8

Our last day on the Jenne Farm is a sad day indeed!  This week will be a week I shall not readily forget.
--Isaac, age 12

Everyone was so impressed with the house and grounds.  Although I had absolutely nothing to do with the restoration work here, I did take full credit for finding it and bringing everyone to see it.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay here.  The weather has been stunning and Jenne Farm is the perfect place for a family gathering.  We enjoyed the trails out behind the house and all the farm animals
--especially the ducks.  The house has all the things we needed (kitchen utensils, pots and pans, a pitcher for lemonade) and all the things we didn't (phone and tv).  We are already planning our next visit--hope to se you in the summer of 2003!
--Dawn and Morris S.

Coming back to my Grandma and Grandpa Jenne's home and farm brings many memories and now, with Joyce and Fran's loving restoration, great pleasure.  My father, Frank Jenne, brought us very often to the place he grew up--and that was long before the Deception Pass bridge made access to Whidbey more possible.   We know the "new" old place will be a happy gathering place for many!
--Margaret Jenne Dunnington

A beautiful renovation of an earlier era and joyful discovery of my great grandfather's life and times.
--James Jenne Dunnington.

Our Seablom Family Reunion was held here 8/24/02.  There were about 32 of us--from CA, IL, OR and MN.  What a great place to meet!
--Hilma L.

There was a lot of work and even more fun putting on/hosting the Seablom family Left Coast reunion.  This is a great old house to have a family come and celebrate.  The last of the family left today and now the farmhouse sits quiet again.  Everyone had a great time.
--Jennifer Y.

What a fabulous place to celebrate our marriage, our lives, our family and friends.  A wedding on the knoll, croquet on the lawn, ducks at the back door parading by, music and singing with some dancing mixed in while we cooked in the big homey kitchen--we couldn't ask for better memories to take away from this great place.
--Mike and Pam

The Jenne Farm House has been such a comfortable place for our meeting.  We have worked hard, but also had time to explore these beautiful surroundings.
--Val, Washington State University

We have had a wonderful time at the Jenne Farm.  The setting is so tranquil and special and the dining room table did double duty as a place to conference and a place to enjoy good company.  The roosters were a special touch and ensured that we got up in the mornings.  Thank you so much for making this place a special one for all your guests.
--Pat, Colorado State University

The Jenne Farm has been perfect for our 3 day meeting, plenty of room around the big dining table for meetings and room to break off into small groups.  Best of all, your farm and the beach provided us places for wonderful walks for much needed breaks.  Thank you for making our stay comfortable. 
--Verna, Washington State University

Comments from our guests...
(as they appear in the Jenne Fam Gathering House guestbook)