Edward Jenne, an immigrant from Germany and a Coupeville resident, built the Jenne Farm cluster in 1908. It is said he built the sizable house, barn, summer kitchen, workshop, and granary with a barge-load of wood at a cost of $5,000.  He grazed sheep, harvested the largest per-acre-yield of wheat of his time, and had majestic work horses.  We have photos in the gathering house of the Jennes playing croquet in the backyard with long skirts and formal hats.      
The farm was bought from the Jennes by Robert Pratte, who died in 1999.  Though he left much of his property to The Nature Conservancy, he willed the Jenne Farm to an heir on the east coast.  The property was put up for sale and looked as if it would be chopped into development parcels, losing its historic size, form and character.
The current owners bought the farm in 2000 with the goal of preserving it as a working farm and historic site.  In December, 2002, the Jenne Farm became a preserved farm in Ebey's Landing National Historic Reserve.  By renting the Jenne Farm Gathering house you are taking part in preserving the homestead.
We hope to share with you this gem of history, nature, and craftsmanship for your special gathering.

Jenne Farm History
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